Pop Up Restaurant

Kenyan Soul Food Tavolata

SUYA brings Kenyan cuisine to Zurich: authentic, genuine and with a lot of dedication. See you soon in our new pop-up restaurant - info to follow! Catering inquiries are gladly accepted by mail.
The owners: Sophie and Robby

From Nairobi to Zurich

SUYA shows the uniqueness of Kenya: genuine, authentic, and as distinctive as the culture itself.

We serve Kenyan dishes like Sambusa, Pilau or Tamarind Juice - all homemade and handmade. We aim for recipes that reminds you of childhood, or that makes you discover a new, rich and exciting cuisine. SUYA stands for "Speak up young Africa", and means the call to make African cultures visible in their uniqueness.

We are Sophie and Robby. Our mindsets are just as different as our cultural backgrounds. Nonetheless we are so similiar: we love the small things in life, we are hard working, chaotic, perfectionistic. We hustle through daily life, just as anyone, trying to make the world a bit better.

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Planet5 und OJA

Our collaboration with Planet5 and OJA has made the launch of SUYA easier for us in many ways. Thanks to their generosity and support, we can now start our Pop Up restaurant with the fullest vigour. Dear Planet5 team: Thank you very much!